Monday, July 2, 2012

Today's news....

I have been listening to some great audio books while I do my applique....

I find them more interesting than watching TV and I can sit out on the porch and work too.  :) 

I have finished the applique on my tulips project. (This is the picture I posted from before.) Now I just need to add the borders which will probably take a back seat to a few other things for a little bit.

I had not done any applique for quite a few years when I started on these tulips so it was kind of like starting all over for me.  Once I got the hang of it I really started to enjoy it again and things progressed along nicely.   My stitching is satisfactory to me but is certainly not award winning.  I always remind myself that every expert started as a beginner....and there are some things in life that I am not going to beat myself over my head about.


A few weeks ago we ate at a restaurant in southern IN called The Overlook which sits on a bluff overlooking the Ohio river and lets you see into the edge of Kentucky.

This is a shot looking in one direction of the river and catching a close up of what I thought was a unique bird house they had on their property.

Here you are looking in the opposite direction and you can see Kentucky on the other side.  Just a  few miles down the river from where we are standing is where Hine's Raid took place during the Civil War.

This sign is in a little out of the way place that not many people see or drive by. It is one of thousands similar to it in our country, a historical marker telling us "something important happened here".  We need to take time to read these markers and understand what they are about. I didn't know anything about this raid or Thomas Hines until after visiting this location. Interesting stuff. (This from a girl who disliked history very much in high school!)

As we approach July 4th, Independence Day, let's remember it's not just a day off of work or a day to party.  But it's a day to remember that something very important took place in order for us to gain our freedom from Great Britain.  We are celebrating our adoption of the Declaration of Independence. We are a free nation but it cost many a great deal.  May we never forget that.

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Diane Wild said...

Your applique quilt is beautiful. Can't wait to see the finish. I, too, didn't care for history while in school. Maybe because the teacher didn't teach it very well. He was the football coach and that was his main focus. I'm fascinated by the Civil War history especially since my grandfather spent much of his time in a Confederate prisoner of war camp. Yes, my grandfather. He came to Minn. after the war and had 12 kids and died well into his 80s. Amazing.