Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lots of misc.....good stuff though!

It's been a few weeks since our trip to Indiana but I still have a few pictures I'd like to share with you.

The bronze sculpture of composer, singer, pianist, performer and actor Hoagy Carmichael rests just north of the auditorium on the campus of Indiana University, in Bloomington, IN. Hoagy was born in Bloomington IN, and attended IU where he earned both a bachelors and a law degree. After practicing law for a short time he realized music was really his passion and so pursued that with vigor.

You might think you don't recognize his name; however, you probably do know his music.  He composed, "Stardust", "Georgia on my Mind", The Nearness of You" and "Heart and Soul" among many others.  His was a wonderful style of jazz and his voice lent a believable sound to his music.  "He described his unique laconic voice as being, "the way a shaggy dog looks....I have Wabash fog and sycamore twigs in my throat." (Wikipedeia)

He performed in many movies and with well known music stars, musicians and composers of the first half of the 20th century.  One of those "hidden" people that you never know about behind the music.  Below is a video/audio  compilation of him performing one of his older songs.  When Ukester and I mentioned that we wanted to stop and take pictures of this sculpture of Hoagy my Mom, age 84, instantly recognized his name and started singing, "Old Buttermilk Sky".  So, here is Hoagy performing that song....

A little on down the road in Nashville, IN my Mom and I went to the Pioneer Women's Quilt Show in Brown County.  We happened upon it and were quite pleased with what we found.  My camera battery decided to die on about the fifth picture so I only have a few pics to show.

A wonderful solution to the problem of various size squares for this quilt, don't you agree? :) I thought the strips of fabric added a quirky, homespun look to this quilt.  I loved it.

Next was this antique quilt.  I apologize for not getting the information of the owner, again, my camera was dying.

While in Nashville, IN we decided to eat at a place that I first sampled over 35 years ago.  I remember eating here and having a wonderful salad and being bold enough to ask for the recipe for the salad dressing! (I would never be that bold now - chalk it up to teenage naivete.) I don't know if giving the recipe away was something that they did regularly or not because I noticed that they still use the same salad dressing and call it their "famous house dressing".  Anyway, I have never given the recipe away because I felt rather special in receiving it. 

Bobby Knight, the famous IU basketball coach, is a friend of the owner and would often eat here. Meanwhile, over the years the restaurant has became a depository of the owner's vast collection of Bobby Knight memorabilia. Now the inside looks like a memorial to Bobby Knight and IU.  I don't remember it looking like that years ago - I guess it was at its earlier stages.  Anyway, they have great sandwiches and a wonderful salad.  If you are ever in the area be sure to go downstairs to That Sandwich Place....

I have more to show you but this post has become incredibly long and if you have hung in here with me this long you deserve a gold star or something!!  Hint....The next post has something to do with the Civil War....

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading!!

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Dawn said...

Thanks for the post!
I listened to Buttermilk sky while I read ;-)
Great quilts - I think the flower pot is a great soluiton.
and the antique geese is a winner.
Have a nice holiday week.