Monday, June 18, 2012

Creativity and history abounds

Yesterday, the Ukester and I went to the Stone Arch Bridge Festival of Art and Music in downtown Minneapolis.  The weather was fantastic (when we were there!) cool and sunny.  :)

Creativity and energy is everywhere at art shows and one never lacks for something to gaze at. This particular show is named for the bridge built by James J. Hill in 1881 to carry passengers and freight across the Mississippi River specifically on his railroad. 

The picture looks fuzzy because of the spray from the water coming from St. Anthony Falls behind my right shoulder.

This is St. Anthony Falls and across the river you can see the old Gold Medal Flour sign.  Milling played a very important part in the history of Minneapolis and St. Anthony Falls was critical to that process. 

A fun day and I am glad we got out of there before the downpour! 

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Dawn said...

What fun!! Makes me want to visit MN for so mant reasons...