Saturday, June 16, 2012

The results are in!

Today I traveled south to Rochester, MN to attend the 2012 MN Quilt Show one of the largest volunteer quilt shows in the USA, if not the largest.  I try to get to it every year and have been to most of the shows for the last 24 years. 

One of the highlights for me this year was being able to meet two fellow bloggers.  It is always fun to make a connection online but so much more fun to make a personal connection face to face.  I was able to have lunch and visit with Karen from KOcanQuilt and to visit briefly with Kristen from meadowbrook-kristen.  Thanks ladies for taking time to visit  - it was great to put a face with a blog!  :)

I have to admit that one of my favorite things about quilt shows is the vendors - I always hit them first - then look at the quilts.  Yes, I did buy some more fabric from Bolines.  :)  But the one thing I bought that I think is really great is  thread for applique.  I have already tried it tonight on an applique project and I like it better than the silk I had been using.  I read about this on Janet's blog, quiltsalott.  She produces impeccable applique so I figure I can trust her judgment on thread!!

As I strolled the aisles of the quilts I was reminded again of how much I really like traditional and scrappy quilts.  I just keep coming back to those time and time again as my favorites.  I took pictures to share with you of the quilts or quilting that struck me as unique or special.  Some are award winners and some are not - but I think all of them are pretty special.

This first quilt just sparkled. I really liked the variety of fabrics she used in her color palette.

"Fabric Fusion"
Kim Simenson
Chanhassen, MN
Quilted by KARS Quilting Service, Chanhassen

This little girl brought back so many happy memories!  Very well executed quilt and not very big either, I want to say no larger than 16 x 20? Not sure.

"Jumping for Joy"
Carolyn Jensen

The next quilt I really liked because of the simplicity and beauty of both the piecing and the quilting. This is a quilt that will age gracefully with "fun" fabric to boot - not all quilts can do that.   I really like this one.

"Birds of a Feather, Java Together"
Jan Blixt
Amenia, ND

OK, here's my favorite scrappy one this year....absolutely fun!

"Stripes, Plaids and Polka Dots"
Victoria Findlay Wolfe
New York, NY

I have always wondered what to do with all the little, itsy, bitsty slivers at the end of a project....I thought this was very pretty.  It was much brighter in person and maybe only 12' x 16" or so.  Very cheerful!
"My Secret Garden"
Renelle Kunau
Plymouth, MN

My picture for this doesn't do it simply cannot see the detail of the dates, sayings, and clocks.  This also was only about 16 x 18 or so (I am guessing).  A wonderful reminder that we each have only 24 hours a day.

"It's about Time"
Kim Frisk
Green Bay, WI

Hope you enjoyed the show!


Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Big smiles!! So glad you liked my Quilt! Was hppy to see it hung! I wish I could have gotten to see the show. They always have a great one every year.

Karen H said...

I was there too, and had a great time. I was really drawn to the quilt of the little girl with the jumprope, too. The only thing I thought to take a picture of was my lunch.... :)

Diane Wild said...

I just got home from the show and I have come to the conclusion that I know nothing about how to quilt after seeing the quilts displayed this year. I just cut fabric and sew it back together then sew over the top of it compared to what I saw. It was very humbling and also inspiring. Ann and Joan say HI.

Kristen said...

Hey Judy it was so fun to meet you! Your pictures are wonderful and I'm your newest follower. :)