Saturday, August 18, 2012

All the way to "L" and back

Those of you who have followed me for any length of time know I enjoy reading mysteries.  Over the years of quilting I have listened to a number of audio books by Sue Grafton, author of what is known as the "Alphabet Series" of mysteries.  Each book is titled after a letter of the alphabet... A is for Alibi, B is for Burglar, C is for Corpse, etc.  So far she has written up to and including the letter V.

My preference is to read book series in order and these books, while they can be read alone, really do occur in sequence.  So, one day not too long ago I was standing at Half Price Books and looking at the clearance rack when I spotted about ten of the alphabet books for a dollar a piece.  I bought all of them and started reading my "series".  I don't have the whole alphabet, obviously.  But I started with "A" and am up to "L" and have a few more to go - then will have to go back and fill in with the ones I missed. I am sure I will be able to get the rest for a buck a piece if I keep my eyes peeled. It's pretty cheap and enjoyable entertainment. 

I pretty much take a book with me whenever I head out the door - never know when I will have time to read just a page or two. 

What are you currently reading?

Such a cut up

Lately I have been working my way through a massive pile of things that need to be cut up (or down) into smaller sizes for my Scrap User's System  drawers.  Most of what is to be cut is fabric left over from quilt projects but some of it is clothing that I need to take apart.

For a few hours this afternoon I sat in the porch and took apart 3 shirts, a skirt and a cotton jumper. It was very relaxing to sit and not have to be careful while ripping or cutting seams - just git 'er done. :)
The shirts are ones my husband purchased on clearance for about $3 and wore them for a few years and they are still in good condition.  So,  they are pretty cheap fabric when you consider that they are doing dual duty.

The buttons are saved....never know when I might need them.  Even my husband was digging in my button jar for one of his projects the other day.  I started saving these when I got married almost 30 years ago.  As a child I loved playing in my Mom's button tin. The jar on the left are buttons that are sets (like that came off the shirts today) or still on cards from a store, garage sale, etc. The jar on the right are all odds and ends... a button here and there collected through the years.

Here's the fabric I ended up with.  Now it's ready to be cut into strips and squares.  When I was taking the picture Ukester was doing something on the floor (that's his knees) and then Hezzie had to get in the middle of what was going on - such a cut up!  :)  

If you haven't ever taken a shirt apart be sure to take a look at Bonnie Hunter's video of De-boning a Shirt! You will see how fast and easy the process is, how much fabric you can get out of one shirt and you will never want to throw another one away!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Shortly after I started my electronic hiatus I discovered I had won a drawing for a fat quarter (below) from Rhonda at Ravelly1 Quilt Blog for guessing incorrectly about who she was in a picture!  First time I have won anything for guessing wrong.  :)  Thanks, Rhonda!

Rhonda has quite a few free BOM quilts that she has designed herself. She loves history, nature, applique and embroidery.  One BOM that she is just starting this month is all applique teapots.  Be sure to check out her site I think you will find it very interesting. She also includes yummy down home recipes like I remember when I grew up.


Even though we had a very early spring, I had to wait until mid June to buy my plants because we were gone on vacation.  My neighbors were all sick or injured and I didn't have anyone to care for plants while I was gone. I knew all of my flowers would be dead when I got back, so why buy any? 

When I got back home I purchased a little six pack of various coleus (not knowing what I was getting for sure), one sweet potato vine and what was to be a 48" tall grass  and put them in a 20" wide pot.  I think the grass was incorrectly labeled because it hasn't grown any taller than 18" high (you can't even see it in the picture).  The sweet potato vine I was able to split into two and put on each side of the pot.
Take a look at how that vine has taken off....

The plants in my other pots have been a bit of a disappointment.  I smile, though, every time I see this little pot full of color and life.  He's just so happy.  :)

Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm back!

Hezzie has been waiting patiently for me to post again.  He really likes this blog stuff.  So far this post about him has had the most hits.  He feels like a star.  Might have to get a red carpet and design a trophy.  :)

While I have been gone I haven't done a lot of sewing or quilting.  Just hung out and enjoyed the weather, hot though it may be, I love the sunshine.   Much solitude and free time has been gained from not being tethered to the computer. 

We visited some friends in Sioux Falls, SD and strolled the downtown area where they have a sculpture walk.  These two caught my eye...

"Mother's Undivided Love"
Ben Hammond, Utah

"Circle of Friends"
Karen Crain, Colorado

It was so hot while we were there that when we were sitting outside in the shade Hezzie tucked himself in the hostas to stay cool...

I was able to spend a week in Charleston, SC prior to a nephew getting married on Folly Beach....

Last night I met with my 1800s group and was supposed to have my 9-patches sewn together into a bigger block.  Oops.  By next month I am to have the whole top together.  So I have much to do.  

I have decided to use pink as my background with my 9-patches and will show more as I go along.

Thank you, dear readers, for those of you who have checked in with me while I have been gone.