Thursday, August 9, 2012


Shortly after I started my electronic hiatus I discovered I had won a drawing for a fat quarter (below) from Rhonda at Ravelly1 Quilt Blog for guessing incorrectly about who she was in a picture!  First time I have won anything for guessing wrong.  :)  Thanks, Rhonda!

Rhonda has quite a few free BOM quilts that she has designed herself. She loves history, nature, applique and embroidery.  One BOM that she is just starting this month is all applique teapots.  Be sure to check out her site I think you will find it very interesting. She also includes yummy down home recipes like I remember when I grew up.


Even though we had a very early spring, I had to wait until mid June to buy my plants because we were gone on vacation.  My neighbors were all sick or injured and I didn't have anyone to care for plants while I was gone. I knew all of my flowers would be dead when I got back, so why buy any? 

When I got back home I purchased a little six pack of various coleus (not knowing what I was getting for sure), one sweet potato vine and what was to be a 48" tall grass  and put them in a 20" wide pot.  I think the grass was incorrectly labeled because it hasn't grown any taller than 18" high (you can't even see it in the picture).  The sweet potato vine I was able to split into two and put on each side of the pot.
Take a look at how that vine has taken off....

The plants in my other pots have been a bit of a disappointment.  I smile, though, every time I see this little pot full of color and life.  He's just so happy.  :)

Have a great day!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love that sweet potato vine, I had forgotten that you can root them and that they make beautiful plants - maybe next year.

Dawn said...

Glad you had a nice vacation and how nice to have a surprise waiting when you got home. Your plants look so happy! It looks like I will be able to grow all my fave MN plants here in CO.
Looking forard to seeing your nine patches.
Welcome back!

LuAnn said...

I love that sweet potato vine. Seeing that photo reminded me how we used to cut a sweet potato in half and root it in water. I have also seen rhubarb planted in pots before, and it adds nice color. Sounds like you had a nice vacation.

AnnieO said...

Sounds like a lovely break from the computer and blogging--but glad you're back! Had to chuckle that your neighbors are all sick or injured--I'm picturing folks on crutches and wearing slings :)

Your planted pot does look happy! My flowers all died and I didn't even go anywhere on vacation--just can't remember to water.