Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ta Da!

It has been a while since I posted.  Thank you to those of you who have hung in here with me!  :)

In earlier posts I wrote of being in an 1800's group and showed the blocks I was making and exchanging with members of my group. (See Nine Patches under Labels). On Tuesday night we showed our finished quilts at our guild meeting - one year after we started!  All of our quilts are quilted and bound!  :)

Our exchange parameters for the 9-patches were:
  • browns from 1800 reproduction fabrics
  • white/cream background with black/brown designs from 1800 reproduction fabrics
The 3.5 inch 9-patch blocks then had to be made into a Double Nine patch block.  It was then up to the piecers discretion as to how they wanted to put the quilt together using sashing, alternate block, etc. Triangles/curves could not be added to the blocks to manipulate them into stars or some other design. We swapped enough so that each of us ended up with 160  3.5"  9-patch blocks.

Below are pictures of my quilt.

As you can see I decided to leave off the border.  Thank you to those of you who voted.  It was 50/50 in favor of the border and not.  I was leaning toward no border but felt that I should put one on since I had so much fabric.  However, it just kept saying to me that it was fine the way it was and I am pleased with it.

I machine quilted it with a pattern called Random Baptist Fan available here.  This was a very easy pattern to quilt and it gives the general look of the Baptist Fan without the fussiness of it. My picture doesn't show it very well. I practiced on another quilt first before this one and once I have that one bound I will post it. 

Our group is almost done swapping blocks for our second quilt!  I will post about that at another time.  

Thanks for reading.....happy stitches and keep your needles threaded!


Nadine said...

FANTASTIC quilts ! Congratulations!
Yours is so beautiful, with that gorgeous red fabric, you really did a geat job, and no, it definitely didn't need any borders.
ENJOY your swaps in your group!


regan said...

These quilts are all so fantastic! They are all so different, too! I love them all! I'm hoping to make a double 9patch really soon.....I love everything with a 9patch! :o)

Dawn said...

Beautiful Quilts!
Congratulations on your swapping and the friendships you've built too. Love all the smiling faces. I bet your guild was impressed!

Patrica said...

Love your quilt and the moment I opened the page I picked you/yours out. They all look fantastic and each of them is so unique.

Dorothy said...

Very nice. I love the red in your quilt.

Barb said...

OMG these are beyond fabulous! I love nine patch quilts = they are all wonderful.
Is your red or dark pink it is a little hard to see, but I love it!

quiltfool said...

Wow, you all met the deadline. That in itself is amazing for a group project. I love the quilts. You all did a wonderful job. Now I have an idea for all those niblets...Lane

Maureen said...

Love it! Great combo of browns and pink.
Everyone did such a fabulous job. They are all beautiful. What talented ladies!
Looking forward to seeing the results of your next swap.

Sarah Martin said...

Wow that is gorgeous! Amazing isn't it how everyone can have the same blocks and all come up with something completely different! What a fun project : )

Kathie said...

BEAUTIFUL you know I love nine patches. someday I will make a pink and brown one and then a pink and green one and then a cheddar and navy and then a....
yup you get the idea!

Betsy said...

The quilts are awesome!
Found your blog through Kathie.
Can't beat little 9 patches...congrats to all!