Thursday, February 9, 2012

A local quilt show

This afternoon I went to a small local show hosted by Dakota County Star Quilters guild.  Every year they have a show, silent auction, special lecture and "store" in a small museum in South St. Paul and for the last five to six years or so I have made it a point to go.

I took my camera this year to get some pictures of the quilts to share with you and the quilt pictures turned out but the information on the cards about the quilts turned out blurry! :( So, in the interest of giving credit where credit is due I only have a few pictures to share.

Two ladies in the group have been trying to replicate Amish quilts.  One pieces and the other quilts.  I have seen some of the other quilts that they have done and it is very interesting when you see how they are doing them in the very same coloration but perhaps with more contemporary quilting.  The crib quilt below caught my eye the minute I turned the corner.  How unique!  (The color of red is bright red - the photo doesn't do it justice.) Below are two of the quilts they have done.  The card for the crib quilt says:
Amish Crib Quilt
Pieced by Mary Burnes
Quilted by Judy Tendlick? (a bit blurry in my pic-sorry)
Judy and I are re-creating Amish quilts that we found unusual in pattern or color.  This is a crib quilt that Judy quilted in a very traditional manner, with crosshatching in the center and feathers in the border.

The next quilt is done by the same ladies and says basically the same thing on the card only that it is quilted in a very unusual manner for an Amish quilt - very contemporary.

The last picture I have is something that I thought was kind of cute for those of you who collect show pins.  My husband thought it unusual that I wasn't interested in collecting pins from all the shows I go to - since I have been a collector of a lot of other things in my life.  (Am I the only one who doesn't collect these pins?)

Anyway, this tree pattern is designed by Sandi Irish and the card on the quilt said the pattern will be coming out soon.  She does have another quilt pattern on her website for show pins if one is not going to be enough and you want to get started ahead of time. (No affiliation - she had the other one hanging at the show and I noticed it on her website.)

That's it for today in my corner of the world.  It was bright and sunny, a beautiful day - almost 40 degrees!


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