Thursday, February 2, 2012

Window Seat

When I was little and we would travel my Mom would always say, "Judy, look out the window!  You are missing all of the scenery!"  I don't know if I was reading or what I was doing but I obviously wasn't looking out of the window and taking it all in.  Typical kid.

Now, as I travel, I have my nose stuck to the glass and want to see what is out there.  People, places, scenery, horizons, landscape, flora, fauna, it is all so interesting and different (and sometimes the same) wherever you travel.

On our flight to California, one thing that captivated my interest was this....
Center-pivot irrigation circles. (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia) I didn't get any photos of the circles on the way out because I thought I would get them on the way back; however, we came a different route and flew too high.  :( 

These are wonderful pieces of art from up in the sky.  There are literally hundreds of miles of these..... in every dotty configuration you can imagine - stretching from one state to another.  Absolutely breathtaking. The plowing designs look like quilting designs.

Well, inquiring mind that I am, I had to research some more.  I came across a wonderful article that some of you might enjoy reading by a man, who stuck his nose to the glass, and wrote about his window seat experiences from above looking at the irrigation circles. He has fantastic photos and explanations.

And, of course all the while we were flying, quilter that I am,  I'm thinking.....what great inspiration for a quilt!  Perhaps someday.  But in my search for photos for this blog I found this quilt that I think is a fantastic interpretation.  Be sure to check it out. 

Inspiration is everywhere.



grandmarockton said...

I'm always saying that to my "grands" these days!

Kathy said...

What a pretty sight! You have a very nice blog.

Kathy P said...

I just found your blog on and was immediately drawn to your banner photo. It's fantastic! You drew me in with the vibrant colors. Then I was just as impressed with your story about the irrigation circles. Sounds like a fantasic quilt is in the works! I just signed up to "follow" your blog so I won't miss seeing it if you decide to make the quilt someday. And if you don't make the quilt, I'll still enjoy reading your posts anyway :)