Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One important reader

Most writers and speakers tell of getting comments and critiques from their readers and listeners. Yesterday, I mentioned how much I appreciate all of you who have come to view and comment on my blog and I sincerely mean that.

One person, though, that faithfully reads my blog and comments, laughs and sometimes just grunts is my husband, Ukester Brown.  Today is his 51st birthday; so, for two months I get to be married to an older man.  :)

He's been a wonderful husband, best friend, and a loving father.  A very admirable man.

Here's a picture from a few years ago that shows him also being a loving uncle, reading to a niece, in his typical humorous style:

Happy Birthday, David!



Lori said...

Happy Birthday--that's a great picture to save~!

Loved reading the things you remember--I share the music in the background one--had a great band teacher and our band was huge then and we LOVED classical music.

My memory is Memorial day--everyone going to service at the cemetery--and there were sticker plants in the grass that poked my feet because I was wearing sandals.

Gari said...

Husbands with humor are to be cherished. You are as lucky as I, and, 51 is so not old. Mine will be 71 in March and still fun to be with.