Saturday, May 19, 2012

Guid eenin!

Good Evening!

Each year the Twin Cities area (Minneapolis/St. Paul) has a Scottish Fair and we have talked about going from year to year. Today we decided to go since it was close to our house, a beautiful day and we didn't have anything pressing to do on our calendar.

Of course, we saw lots of kilts and bagpipes; but there were plenty of other things to see and do there too.  They had a section of animals that come from Scotland such as Highland cattle and miniature rams  -  of which I didn't get the exact name.

An interesting line of British cars were on exhibit; some really old, nice cars and some not so old.  This Morris Minor really caught me and the Ukester's eye:

We saw lots of little tykes like this wandering around....

And few of these too...but I was surprised that Fala's decendants were not in attendance today.

It wouldn't be a Scottish Fair without the various clans that were there coming out on the field to represent themselves.  Below is a picture of all of the clans, represented in person today at the fair, with their clan tartans flying in the air.

Over the years I have been told that my maternal grandfather's family line came from Scotland but in my searches I have not been able to figure out which clan they originated from.  While we were at the fair today I was able to talk to someone who was able to look up the name and identify the clan Colquhoun so I feel I now have a place to start doing more research.

Of course, we cannot forget food!

Scottish Meat Pies (left) and  Bridies (right) with Diet Coke (we passed on the Tea Tent) were a welcome break between the various activities. The sauce was a cross between a steak sauce and BBQ sauce - it added a nice tang to the pies.

A Border Collie demonstration kept many captivated for a while.  These dogs are extremely smart and well trained to herd cattle.  In this case it was these cute sheep who kept looking at the dog like, "Do ya think you could leave us alone for just a few more seconds?  Huh?  Well, do ya?"

And lastly, the most unusual thing we saw were these historical artifacts, still in use!   :)

Celebrate your heritage, have a wonderful rest of the weekend and thanks for reading.  
Guid cheerio the nou!  Good bye!


Kathy P said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Just what you needed! Cheers!

Diane Wild said...

Looked like a fun day. Sure beats what I did today...zilch, nada. Stared at my knitting.

Nathan Carter said...

Wow! Those are some historical artifacts. Sounds like a very fun weekend.

Nathan Carter said...

Wow! What a find, with the artifacts. Did you check to see if they worked?

It sounds like such a fun weekend.

Sarah Martin said...

My folks had a Morris Minor when I was little. A black one, the sedan. I only remember that I couldn't see out of the windows sitting down and my mom getting really mad that I wouldn't just sit there!
That was not the car's fault though...Both my parents always said they liked that one while they had it!