Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Here they are...

Here is the 2nd batch of 9-patches for my 1800's swap.  I showed you my fabric choices here.

I made 64 of them; eight groups of eight.  Now I will start on the next set.  I already have the sets of fabric picked out.  :)

Oh, and thank you for those of you who tried to help answer my question about the top right block's fabrics as to whether or not they are reproduction fabrics.  I still don't know anything about the dark brown fabric.  The light striped fabric I found I had another piece with the selvage on it.  It is a Windham Lewis & Clark - close enough since I don't know about the brown!

The blocks I received in exchange were, once again, so fun to look through and a great variety of browns, tans and whites.

Back to my sewing machine - I have several projects going which hopefully I will be able to show you soon.

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