Monday, September 3, 2012

The Great Minnesota Get-Together, Part 1

Yesterday, Ukester and I went to the Minnesota State Fair, the second largest in the United States.  Our fair is actually the largest in average daily attendance but we come in second to Texas because their fair runs twice as long...everything is bigger in Texas.  But, we don't like to drag things "awn, and awn, and awwwnnn".  However, in the horse barn, where the cow girls hang out there was a T-shirt that said you can fix things with a little tequila and a whole lot of hair spray.  :)

We have been going to the fair for many years and this year chose to ride a shuttle bus from a transit station which makes getting back and forth so much easier. We arrived early in the morning before the crowds began and so we were able to get breakfast (a fantastic turkey sandwich) and then we climbed the  DNR fire tower.

Here we are facing the Grand Stand building and as you can see the crowds of people haven't started.  Below is a picture later in the day.....that's Ukester at the far right.  He picked up a free wooden back scratcher from somewhere, remember those?

Some fun things just never go out of style.  The Giant Slide has been a permanent ride at the fair for many years.  Ukester says he has memories of flying down this as a little kid.

Even Santa was there...I was too shy to have my picture taken with him.

I think this was the first year that we did not do some of the things we normally do like tour all the barns, buy Sweet Martha's Chocolate Chip Cookies (you can buy them by the bucket and they are delicious!), watch a show or two, etc. But it was a fun, hot day.

My next post is about what was in the Creative Arts building.

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AnnieO said...

Fairs are always fun! That is some climb for the great view. Our fairgrounds is right next to the ocean so if it is foggy or damp there is no sliding happening on the Giant Slide :)