Monday, March 19, 2012

Another great audio book....

My latest audio book experience was another book by author, Sandra Dallas.

This was a book about the American Japanese internment camps during WWII of which I really knew very little.  I had heard a little bit about them but hadn't really studied a lot about them during my history classes or don't remember because history was not a favorite subject of mine in school. Many of my relatives served in WWII and I am sure that played a part in my not hearing about it also.

Anyway, this is a novel, but based on true facts and I found the story to be very well written, as are all of Sandra Dallas'  books.  The story is narrated by a teenage girl growing up in the town where the Japanese internment camp is placed and her interpretation of how it changes the lives of those around her, including her own.

At the end of the audio edition there is an interview with Sandra.  Well, there you have it, another book for your reading or listening pleasure and historical benefit!

Have a great day!  :)

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Diane Wild said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I like Sandra Dallas' books.