Monday, March 19, 2012

Smiles everywhere!

The Minnesotans are a hearty bunch.  We are used to harsh, long winters where one put on layers upon layers of clothes and talks (complains) about the weather everywhere you go.
"Cold enuff fer ya?"
"Ya, well, just ya wait, this is nuthin, the boys basketball tournaments (or whatever) are right around the corner, ya know."
"And well, then, we always get one more blast in April.  We have ta have that April snowstorm ya know.  It's not winter without that." Blah, blah, blah.....

With all this sunshine, it's almost like we don't know what to talk about. We are all smiling and happy and walking outside in flip flops, shorts and T-shirts and pinching ourselves to see if it is really real.  The only thing missing is green grass and full foliage of plants to provide color. Everyone is talking so much about other stuff and enjoying themselves it's rather surreal.  Is this really March?

I am loving it.
Hope you are enjoying your day - wherever you may be!

1 comment:

Diane Wild said...

Beautiful smile. But the temps are surreal, don't you think?