Friday, January 20, 2012

Palm Springs

A beautiful day awaited us in Palm Springs, CA.  Warm, sunny and in the high 70's.

I really did not know too much about this city before visiting here...just heard the name a lot.  Many famous people have lived here, of course, and it seems to have a golf course and country club on every other corner.  We saw bronze statues, one of Sonny Bono and one of Lucille Ball and there are stars in the sidewalk (just like in Hollywood) representing people who have benefited Palm Springs in some way.

The town was really hopping when we got there - at least the little area we were in. After meandering around a bit we decided to get something to eat at one of the local eateries.  Most places were very busy and we wanted to sit outside on a veranda.  We wandered around until we found this place to eat:
Unbeknownst to us, it truly was off the main "drag".  Well known in Palm Springs, but a surprise to us.  The food was very good and a festive atmosphere to boot!

By the time we were finished it looked like the town had folded up and it was only 2:00 PM.  I think everyone went home for a siesta.  We wandered around some more.  It is so pretty here.  I love the desert flora and fauna and the southwestern architecture.  Something about passages like this are always intriguing to me....very inviting.  You can't see the mountains in the background of the picture; but, they were beautiful in real life, just peeking through that entrance.
We drove back just before dark and I snapped these photos of the wind power turbines along Hwy 10.  This picture shows only a small portion of them.  Kind of makes a neat picture.
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