Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pink Lemonade Pieced

This morning I put together all the parts for Lori's Pink Lemonade quilt-a-long.  
This has been fun to do.  I look forward to quilting it now and will show it again when it is completely finished.  

I have such a stash of fabrics I get to be picky about what I choose to imitate the original piecer's fabric choices.  It is fun to think about what her fabric represented and how little of it she may have had to choose from when making her little quilt.
When I was thinking about what to put on the back I thought about the larger plaid that is on the top because I have a large piece of that and it isn't something I have used a lot.  Yet, I like how it looks in this little quilt and I can see it in other repro quilts.  So, I think I am going to save it and use something else on the back. I have quite a bit of pinks and they seem easy to come by....probably will use that.
I like Lori's binding that she put on hers.  Not sure how I am going to bind mine.


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