Sunday, January 15, 2012

Venice Beach

Venice Beach was one of the first stops.  Had to get that out of the way before it got really busy.  Of course there were interesting things to see there - but not as unique, I'm sure, as it would be on a hot, summer day when the boardwalk would be wall-to-wall people.
This gal takes patchwork to a whole new level.  She is definitely into using her scraps-but her stash just hasn't grown large enough to meet her needs.
This group of  buildings was so charming.  It appears to be a little group of cottages that look to have been built prior to WW2.  When you walk back in there they are all separate little buildings with about 1.5 - 2 ft between them and windows on each side of them. They lead back to the large building in the back.  So cute.
Edited later:  After googling info about these buildings it appears they were built in 1922 as beach side cottages, have been used in movies and were at one time apartments buildings.
We were told we were the prettiest couple on the beach and if we would give some money we could help feed the homeless people on the beach.  Shortly after that a young fellow encouraged us to come in for an evaluation to get a medical marijuana card because we would qualify for medicaid.  ;)  
Next we headed to Huntington Beach where it was a little colder and the sky was very overcast.  However, it didn't seem to dampen the spirit of those out and about.  Sure beats cold weather in MN.
While we see White Pelicans in MN the Brown Pelican doesn't come that far north.  This adult was atop a building on the pier at Huntington Beach showing his/her winter coloring.
Not sure what tomorrow holds - will keep you updated!


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